Medical Tourism, Health Travel. All you need to know, destinations, concerns, benefits, checklist...

Medical Tourism / Health Travel: All you need to know, where, how, destinations, concerns, benefits, checklist ...

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Medical Tourism Countries:

High treatment costs in industrialized countries, favourable currency exchange rates in third world countries, affordable and comfortable international travel, country specific medical expertise, improved research and technology, high standards of nursing care and hope of alternative therapies are some of the reasons Medical tourism has bloomed and is attracting people. Generally the bulk of Medical Tourists come United States, Europe, United Kingdom, the Middle East and Japan.

Some popular Medical tourism destinations are India, UAE, South America, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. But the rate at which the Medical Tourism Industry has been growing, many other countries have joined the bandwagon and are cashing in on the boom.

Many hospitals have specially designed packages for foreign tourists. The customized service would include airport pickups and drop, ambulances if needed, five star accommodations with TV, fridge, Internet, laundry service, personalized food, sightseeing, shopping, etc. Some hospitals also aid in visa processing formalities and reservation hassles. The aim is to ensure that the medical tourists receives the best of services and would return to the native country with appreciation and applause.

Undertaking Medical Tourism to a specific country is an individual choice affected by the cost, expertise available, language barriers and sometimes the tourist attractions involved.

Elective surgeries are also a good option to undertake Medical tourism; as such procedures are not usually covered by insurance. However, some companies have started tying up with Insurance agencies to make available overseas medical insurance. Additional insurance is also available for such travel in some countries.

Cuba, Brunei, Colombia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Turkey, Costa Rica, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Mexico and Hungary are some such countries. European countries like Belgium and Poland are also cashing in on the phenomenon.

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