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Hong Kong

A Special Administative Region (SAR), a former British Colony and a shoppers paradise is what constitues Hong Kong. Medical Tourisim is also encouraged due to the presence of  12 private and more than 50 public hospitals. The SAR's private hospitals have some of the best medical facilities and stringent standards implemented across the world.

The 12 private hospitals are in process of getting internationally accredited by UK, rather than USA and Australian agencies. They are known as “Trent Hospitals” as they have been surveyed by the Trent scheme of United Kingdom.

The scheme works hand in hand with hospitals in terms of approrpriate medical care, generate locally specific standards and taking into considerations factors like culture, geography , primary care, public health, etc.

The surveyor group is a combination of UK and Hong Kong specialists and are also in the procedre of obtaining a second accreditation from JCI [Joint Commission International]. Thus the standard is better than hospitals in Thailand and Singapore due to joint accredidation from UK and USA.

All hospitals in Hong kong have english language websites to facilitate in choosing and listing options avaialble to Medical Tourists. 

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