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Singapore treated 374, 000 tourists in 2005 for health facilities. It has hospitals with Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and the agency’s Asia Pacific office is located in Singapore.

Hospitals in Singapore are also seeking European or Asian hospital accreditations to attract a wide range of people. Patients flock from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South-Asia and the Middle East. It is also a hub for education and business in Asia and thus has cosmopolitan residents.

It was recently in the news for the complex and complicated separation surgery of conjoined twins and tooth-in-eye surgery. It also hosted the first International Medical Travel Conference in the December of 2006. The four-day long event had participants and media from 21 countries and brought together leaders in the field of Medical Tourism Industry. It focused in examining the issues and challenges involved with International Travel for availing Medical facilities.

One of Singapore’s hospital also serves as the branch of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. It is also a hub for biomedical research, breakthrough medical advancements and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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