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South Africa

Medical Safari - a cosmetic surgery coupled with a trip to the forest is what South Africa is promoting in the name of Medical Tourism. Countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia have speciality clinics for all kinds of plastic surgeries.

It is estimanted that every 1 in 30 Argentineans has undergone plastic surgery and thus the skillset of the doctors in this particular area is high. It also makes it the most operated country in the world as far as cosmetic surgeries are concerned. Many beauty paegant participants have availed of its facilities.The “Sociedad Boliviana de Cirugia Plastica y Reconstructiva" states that more than 70% women have undergone plastic surgeries in Bolivia.

South Africa is not only apt for cosmetic surgeries, its clinics have much more to offer. Medical tourism to Colombian clinics is also undertaken for complex cardiovascular and transplant surgeries.It has earned a decent reputation for such procedures. Colombia boasts of patients coming from all parts of the earth for cosmetic and eye surgery.

Another reason for the development of the Medical Tourism industry is the proximity of Colombia between Canada and the USA. On offer are cheap arifares and absence of visa restrictions vis-à-vis other Asian destinations.

Clinics across colombia use the US FDA approved prosthetics for Orthopedic surgeries such as knee and hip replacement. Its Medical Tourism also flourishes due an organised organ inventory and donor system which is not readily available in other countries. The policies for making available organs to foreign patients are also relaxed.

Almost all countires promoting Medical Tourism have stringent quality standards and excelelnt nursing care. Colombia is no exception. Surgeons have implemented their skills or have been trained in USA and European countries. The cost of living such as home rents, land value, construction costs are less as compared to the USA and these cost savings are passed on to the medical tourists. Even the salaries of doctors, surgeons, nurses, support staff are 20% in comparison to USA salaries, though the education level, expertise and training is similar.

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