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Medical Tourism Destinations » Dubai [U.A.E.]


The destination known as a shoppers paradise is also promoting its Medical tourism Industry. Its cosmetic surgeries are known to attract tourists from all across the world and also indulge the luxuries on display in the shopping malls.

The dubai government has scheduled to open the Dubai Healthcare City by 2010,  which would act as the largest international medical center connecting Europe and Southeast Asia. The center might also include a branch of the prestigious Harvard Medical School.

Medical facilities in Dubai are available at a low cost and can be compared to the standards of USA and UK. The medical staff is also highly trained and has achieved training from world class medical organizations. Dubai is also centrally located geographically and thus gets a advantage in terms of Medical Tourism.

Though the official language in Dubai is Arabic, the education system is such that people are also trained in English speaking. Thus no language barriers prevent tourists from visiting Dubai for availing medical aid.

Add to this duty free shopping and Dubai scores a brownie point in terms of Medical Tourism.

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