Medical Tourism, Health Travel. All you need to know, destinations, concerns, benefits, checklist...

Medical Tourism / Health Travel: All you need to know, where, how, destinations, concerns, benefits, checklist ...

Medical Tourism » Why Medical Tourism ?

  1. Cost effective : The most important reason for the success of Medical tourism is the cost effectiveness that it offers. Generally the cost of medical treatment in the other country is low compared to the cost in ones native country. [ Read More ... ]
  2. No Waiting : The National Health Service (NHS) in Britain provides free medical treatment to all. But it has certain rules wherein it differentiates between emergency and non-emergency treatments. Emergency treatments are taken into consideration before the non-emergency treatments. [ Read More ... ]
  3. Quality : Countries cashing on the boom of Medical Tourism provide better care and facilities than some countries. [ Read More ... ]
  4. Vacationing : Vacationing: An added advantage to undertaking Medical Tourism is the lure of vacationing in the country one has opted. [ Read More ... ]
  5. Expertise : Often some countries are better at a particular surgery as the medical expertise is concentrated for that treatment. Many Third world countries have knowledge resources of diseases, which are seldom heard, in developed nations. Thus the expertise of dealing with such a disease is more and better. [ Read More ... ]
  6. Alternative Treatments : Treatment practiced outside of the mainstream western medicine is known as Alternative Treatment. Such treatment is part of most cultures and exists as traditional knowledge resource for diseases. [ Read More ... ]
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